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Radio Cabs
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Radio Cabs

Best taxi company in Bridgend
Average pick-up within 7 - 15 min.
The best service in Bridgend at a low price

About Radio Cabs

Call directly to the leading taxi network in Bridgend. We have chosen the most popular licensed company in the area and take pleasure in offering a well-qualified and dependable taxi service. Our favored partner in Bridgend is Radio Cabs and we have picked the firm based on their large fleet size, fast ETA's and their friendly and reliable approach.

Radio Cabs in Bridgend has the a metered price 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays. They can take you to to all airport and seaports in the region, in addition to all hotels and tourist attractions.
The transparent pricing policy, large coverage area and fantastic service have made Radio Cabs the preferred taxi supplier for major hotels, restaurants, pubs, casinos and corporate enterprises in the city, and they place a high level of professionalism on their services that we have previously not seen in the Taxi industry.

When you make a reservation with Radio Cabs you are assured that they will deliver a taxi cab to match your needs and budget. The taxi company has a fully automated software system and all taxis are GPS controlled. This allows all dispatching personnel to see precisely where each taxi is at all times, so you get your cab when you need it.

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